Welcome, I’m Nataley

Supporting creatives to build natural-feeling marketing strategies particularly through creative email marketing automations.

+ I love designing and producing beautiful, functional, and modern goods through the age-old process of hand weaving.


Handwoven collection designed and produced at my home studio in Tulsa, OK.

Join the community of makers + creatives at Studio No. 2 over on Facebook. Together we discuss and learn how to best market our small creative businesses.

Our Marketing Philosophy: We are just humans wanting to bring value to other humans through our product or service. We use our stories and message to connect people to what we do and build trust with us - which naturally grows our community and advocates.


Simple and functional woven goods designed and handwoven on a floor loom by me, Nataley.


Supporting dream-filled creatives by partnering to form natural marketing strategies and creative email marketing automations.