I am Nataley, the artisan behind Studio Shepherd. Growing up I always loved making and creating especially using string and fabric. However, I also have a deep love for animals and pursued a pre-vet degree at Oklahoma Baptist University. After 2 years in the science building I realized I was not happy and felt God was calling me elsewhere. My love for all things handmade led me to the art building where I spent all day everyday learning to weave on a floor loom. I graduated OBU with an Art degree and as the captain of the soccer team.

5 years, 1 wedding, 2 pups and 1 baby later I started my dream business: Studio Shepherd. My dreams for this business are to bring beauty to homes, connect with people, share my love for these crafts, and make a difference.

I am inspired by the intricate tapestries of the southwest region and integrate a light modern style to my pieces to uplift and warm any area of the home.

I love knowing these tapestries will become a part of a family's home and will bring comfort and sentiment for years to come.

My “why” is: dreaming bigger for my family’s future, being a part of something bigger than myself, sharing with a community of creatives and above all to reflect the creativity of the original Creator through my actions and my craft.