Hello I’m Nataley

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Kyle and mom to my sidekick, Gavin and dreamer, Juna. We have two pups, Gunny and Roxy and our mission is to live our best lives today and now.



Even though weaving is one of my very biggest passions in life, I want to have relationships with people, not just string. My path to today involves a degree in art, working in retail, as a veterinary hospital receptionist, a small business manager, and a mid-sized business marketing director. Then I took a turn into the throws of motherhood, which will always bring heaps of perspective, and have since connected the dots to what I really enjoy doing, where my expertise lies, and how to make it work within the lifestyle I dream of.


I love businesses that make an impact and it pains me when big hearted businesses don’t have the time or understanding on how to market and grow their soul-filled business. I believe marketing doesn’t have to be salesy, business doesn’t have to be stressful, and your entire life doesn’t have to suffer at the expense of being successful. Setting up systems and process that work for you and with you will free up your time and energy to dream bigger for your business and your life.


Purpose - A successful, sustainable business always has a strong purpose. Why you do what you do will always be at the core of your business and your life. When you are the owner, CEO, COO, shipper, maker, accountant, manager, content creator, etc. your life will always be entwined with your business.

Goals - Dream up your biggest scariest goals - then triple them in size and scale. Once you have your solid as a rock purpose for your business it is so important to dream big - scary big. Then we literally block it back from years, to months, to weeks, to days. Doing 3 small things toward your goal every day or week starts a compound effect toward your dreams. Be consistent and battle out distractions and you can look back on the progress made every month and see the growth before your very eyes.

Positive Impact - Life is too short to focus on negativity or spend time trying to game the system. When our focus ONLY includes positive thoughts, ideas, outcomes, goals, etc. we can change the world. It sounds cliche but I really believe it. Opportunities to make a positive impact on someone’s life are always present, I believe as humans, creatives, and business owners we should seize those opportunities as often as possible.

Time Management -I believe time management is a secret weapon. We all have 24 hours in a day, and I don’t know about you but I prefer to spend 8 of them sleeping. I’m not talking about scheduling out every second of everyday but with some smart planning and flexibility built in, it’s crazy how much you can get done in small amounts of time. - Cue all the mommas durning nap time ;)

Marketing - Marketing is literally just telling another person or group of people what you are about and how it can help them. I don’t believe you need to spend hours finding pain points or their deepest darkest struggles to communicate why you are valuable. I like to focus on the positive outcomes your customer will gain working or buying from you.