Expressing peace and positivity through fiber art and goods. Thoughtfully handmade.


Macrame Accessories


Macrame can yield so many different items. From keychains and jewelry to baskets, pillows, and so much more. I love exploring all types of goods.

Wall Hangings

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Handwoven and handcrafted macrame wall hangings are my favorite thing to create. I will try and stock my shop with new works but heart lies in creating custom commissioned pieces so please contact me!

Plant Hangers

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I am a wannabe plant lady so naturally I love designing interesting, unique plant hangers that add a clean, fresh and cozy feel to any area of your home.

All types and textures of fiber keep me grounded. I manipulate it with intricate detail to form simple, straightforward designs to express peace and positivity. I feel connected to generations of women who came before me who worked with their hands perfecting their craft.