Welcome, I’m Nataley

I believe marketing does not have to be salsey or feel gross and you do not have to evoke fear into your audience to make a sale or grow your tribe.

Let’s be transparent, relational, genuine, inspiring, and bring out the best version of your audience to fuel your business now and for the future.



Let’s build tribes together and change the world for the better while we’re at it.

Simple, functional and you can’t forget cozy, handwoven goods designed and produced on my floor loom by me.


Handwoven collection designed and produced at my home studio in Tulsa, OK.

Join the community of entrepreneurs over at Studio No. 2 on Facebook. Together we discuss and learn how to best market our impact-driven businesses.

Our Marketing Philosophy: We are just humans wanting to bring value to other humans through our product or service. We use our stories and message to connect people to what we do and build trust with us - which naturally grows our community and impact.